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iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014 Promo

Again with the Black and White theme…….

Night and Day?

Yin and Yang?

Darkness and Light?

Shadows and Fog?

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  • Question: Had another album five dream (btw, I'm relieved that so many people besides me have these dreams, and that a blog like yours exists so we can all shamelessly, slightly unhealthily pontificate): It's a double album, one named Sunrise, the other named Sunset or Storm or something like that, and they both have corresponding moods, but each of them include EDM songs and country songs, and explored brand new thematic ground including her parents' reported separation. - swiftiepatience
  • Answer:

    a double-album could really be mind-blowing creatively….but it would be difficult to sell maximum numbers of since it would cost more.

    A very Ryan Adams-like move (Cold Roses and Love is Hell are two-doubles).

    or, it two separate albums were released on the same day…..that would be a Bruce-like move (Human Touch/Lucky Town).


Earlier, I referred to a somewhat credible rumor about Nathan Chapman working on the fifth album.
This would be the source….
the way I figure it, if someone who actually got to visit his house mentions her new album, that’s a reasonable rumor.

…..also, the decor seems like as if Taylor were picking things out for a guy.

Earlier, I referred to a somewhat credible rumor about Nathan Chapman working on the fifth album.

This would be the source….

the way I figure it, if someone who actually got to visit his house mentions her new album, that’s a reasonable rumor.

…..also, the decor seems like as if Taylor were picking things out for a guy.

  • Question: When do you expect the album to be out? I'm guessing October as usual, 13th, 20th and 27th are all Mondays. I keep expecting Taylor to hint that news are coming any day now, like she did with RED and it's driving me crazy. I wonder if she'll wait until after The Giver to reveal anything, or if she'll do it before? Ugh, so many questions, no answers from Taylor. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Is there any reason that she can’t release the first single August 13, and the album on October 13?

    The first single has to come out early August if she is to take advantage of the hype at the MTV VMAs.  By then the single will (likely) have charted high.

    The album would likely come out no earlier than a month after the first single release (because of time for CD production and distribution) and no later than Black Friday.

    Those are the parameters.

    Unless she pulls a Beyonce…..and she won’t with this album.

"And I’d also like a nice garden."

- Taylor Swift, in her concluding line of her WSJ opinion piece today



so i had an epiphany last night about taylor’s next album and maybe it’s kind of crazy but it made sense to me at 2 am so here it is

i was thinking about the whole roses theory and i think that there’s definitely some connection to roses on the next album. there have been too many pictures on instagram and hints about roses for it to be a coincidence. but i was also thinking about the whole “project cardinal” email that some people got yesterday so i was thinking about cardinal and roses at the same time.

that reminded me of the cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west). the cardinal directions are usually represented on a compass roseso maybe this was just me being delirious in the middle of the night but what if the next album has something to do with direction or a compass?

it would kind of make sense because taylor said she’s broadened the subject of what she’s writing about and a compass can often be a metaphor for life and new directions in life and i dont know maybe im completely off but there it is.


plot twist:


EDIT: second plot twist One Direction 



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  • Question: With all of the public adoration Taylor's been getting (now even the MLB is getting on the bandwagon) , how do you think her mental state or "psyche" is or will be in the near future ? I know she is close to her family and has some close friends as a support group but you know all that can all change rather quickly . I hope we don't see a Britney meltdown or a Whitney demise ... - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Well she has never once shown any indication she would ever freak out in public.   With Britney and Whitney you could see it coming, since the way they came from unstable/unhealthy backgrounds.

    With Taylor, even the Kanye interruption thing turned out to be a situation where she had no choice but to regain her composure and perform a few minutes later.  

    But I really do believe Taylor when she mentioned that (i am paraphrasing here) “if it gets to be too much, I will step aside and write songs for other artists and children”, and, as hard as it might seem to believe, that kind of stepping back could relieve her of a lot of the hassles of celebrity life.  

    There are many places she could choose to live where no one would be able to photograph her or get anywhere near her property.  I wonder if that’s what she will do the moment she has a family of her own.

    Her comments on Instagram suggest that she’s not afraid to lean on fans for support, even those that lean on her.

    I don’t expect an album completely about fame, but I’m eager to see how else Taylor discusses her mental state in her next round of interviews.  

    She can’t just respond sarcastically to people surprised she can handle this.

    She’s reaching a level where few people have ever managed to remain grounded or healthy.  It’s a legitimate issue.

  • Question: Assuming that she continues in her usual fashion, Taylor will be 26 when the album 5 era is over. Do you think that she'll want to continue with her career or maybe settle down and start a family? Or both? Or maybe slow down and focus more on her music and step out of the limelight. It's interesting to think about what the future will hold in only 2 short years. - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    This is a good follow-up question to my previous comments…

    I can’t predict her personal life, but I would expect that her approach to performing and fame might have to be revamped after this next era concludes regardless of whether she settles down with someone or has children.

    After the next tour, even with her 'the-fans-come-first' mentality, I would think she will have reached a “been, there, done that” status about performing in so many situations over what will have been a 10-year high-profile career….which is longer than The Beatles.

    In order to keep herself and her fans interested, she would need to mix things up.

    She might decide that she no longer needs to play to huge audiences….or no longer needs to play nearly as many shows….or she no longer needs to perform anything that resembles either country or pop…..or she no longer needs to be as planned, rehearsed or guarded on a personal level.

    Maybe she would wait a few years for another album.  Maybe she abandons the album release schedule altogether and puts out singles whenever she wants (which could make a lot of sense if she does a lot of acting. 

    In the past, I have said that, if she ever wanted to settle down and just get paid well for performing whatever and whenever she wanted, she could easily get a headliner residency gig in Las Vegas, the way Elton John, Shania Twain and Celine Dion have had in recent years - But that probably would burn her out the same way that performing the same Broadway show night after night out does………UNLESS, she uses a residency gig the way the Beatles used the Hamburg days or Bruce Springsteen used The Upstage - as a no-pressure venue to try completely new things out all the time.

    Of course, none of this entry has factored in the kinds of music she may have written for the fifth album, or the kinds of performances the tour for it may have.   Perhaps those will have most or all of the aspects they’ve been missing in the past.


    I don’t know.
    You don’t know.
    Taylor is basically openly saying that she doesn’t know.


Okay so I know a while ago there was the whole “roses” theory when it came to the new album. But honestly what if it has something to do with the ocean or the sea? Idk just a thought I had. I don’t actually think it will be, I think she just really likes the ocean. But I do think we’ll get one song that had to do with the beach.

Garden" was the only theme I have been thinking of, but "Oceans" might be right up there.

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I’m not sure I’m ready for the ArtCountry era.

  • Question: I think you're on to something and getting warmer and warmer. Like you mentioned, she's a huge fan of The Kennedy's in particular The Kennedy women. Remember she mentioned how she finished reading like a 900 page book about The Kennedy women? Yeah I think "Garden" is gonna be the key here...whether it's the concept or something to do with the album title...or both. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’ve been on this for months….

    But today, I’m really just wondering in particular about the connection that actor guy who met her made to Grey Gardens.  

    EDIT: Sarah was in a production of Grey Gardens on Broadway. He wasn’t referring to Taylor.


  • Question: Just a thought on the album title: "Rose Garden" It combines the rose hints we have been getting with the metaphorical garden of life you've mentioned. Granted, if that was the title, it would probably indicate she's taking a break after album 5, because she "chose the rose garden over madison square." What do you think? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    It would fit. The mentioning of “Rose Garden” during the conversations about the rose clues was what got me going in Garden.

    So it has come full circle.

    The reason I wouldn’t think Rose Garden is because that is limiting.

    Gardens in general could grow anything…..which is better for the metaphor.

  • Question: I think the flowers will be for a photoshoot. Possible album cover. Goes with the whole floral/garden theme she's got going on in recent months. But, of course, just speculating. Surprised you didn't say that, Matt! (Also good call with mentioning the wholesale flowers before we found out for sure lol) - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    If there were flowers needed for a photoshoot, the label or the photographer would cover paying for them.

    EDIT: But I’m sure Taylor would want to go see them herself.

    Maybe you’re onto something.

    A rooftop garden is definitely a GARDEN…….

Well, then.
That settles it, I guess.

Well, then.

That settles it, I guess.