"Why can't I hold all this limerence?"
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This is a great post that does a good job of considering how Taylor’s mind works….

I do think that quoting U2 - "One life, you gotta do what you should", is thematically comparable to State of Grace, just as it musically similar to U2.



Were Taylor’s Speak Now Tour arm lyrics a sign of things to come on the RED album? Were they how she was feeling as she was touring and writing for it? I’ve sort of always felt that way and then she said it in an interview  that they’re lyrics from a favorite artist.  I remember waiting to see what the lyric was each night, to see where she was drawing musical inspiration from - what she was listening too. But really, it was her way of telling us what she was feeling. There’s clear patterns to reference specific songs on RED. Clear things of her letting us know what we’d hear both in sound and content. Specifically on the All Too Well/WANEGBT/RED theme and the Treacherous/IKYWT theme. So here’s my analysis of each arm lyric from each show in relation to a song/lyric on the RED album.

Share your thoughts with me too?

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Also, follow me on twitter if you can.  I’m new there….I will never over-post.  I try to keep it to only linking to the most important posts.

FYI, here is what twitter profiles will look like from now on.

You can turn yours on right now….check this link out.


Also, follow me on twitter if you can.  I’m new there….I will never over-post.  I try to keep it to only linking to the most important posts.

  • Question: Did you see the latest Instagram pic of Taylor and Sarah Hyland? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Yes.  I don’t tend to comment on or repost Taylor pics unless they’re particularly interesting.

    I just wonder when you’re Taylor and can get dinner anywhere in the city, where do you choose to go and why?

  • Question: Do you think he skin is that good or do you think she puts on a full face of makeup every time she knows there is going to be paparazzi - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    I don’t know anything about makeup, but I’ve already said that it is kinda sad that she seems to feel that she has to always be “on” or glamorous when in public.  Then again, my experience in NYC is that that is pretty normal for professional women.

    Maybe it is just like Michael Jordan - who would wear incredibly expensive tailored suits solely for the quick walk out of his locker room to the bus or his car after games……



  • Question: Taylor is so good, caring, giving and trying her best to maintain a good role model figure. Thinking of everyone who listens to her music. Yet, she get trashed and hated for absolutely no reason, her privacy get invaded on daily basis. Matt, I'm so afraid she gonna snap someday, just lose it, get sick of it all and change drastically, hurt herself, or get addicted to something!!! - Anonymous
  • Answer:



    First of all, hate or harsh criticisms against Taylor almost NEVER come from anyone whose opinion carries ANY weight.  

    I think she probably knows that she should only care about people whose opinions are respectable and the opinions of fans.  

    She has many of the toughest critics in the business praising her for how she handles things, whether or not they are fans of her work.  And those who are not fans of her work are seldom dismissive of the chance that she can eventually create something that will appeal to them.

    Hate from snarky bloggers, commenters or fans of other artists is not even worth responding to.   Either people get what you’re doing or they don’t.  Sometimes people’s perspective changes.  Sometimes what you do develops and will appeal to different audiences.

    If privacy was a real concern, she could easily move to remote places or get a yacht.  Photos on public streets are to be expected, and I think she is familiar enough with the internet to know that those paparazzi photos can be used as a way for her to communicate with fans (like prominently wearing the Grammy pendant or the infamous paper airplane pendant).

    Professional security people know how to ensure a lot of privacy when it matters most.

    The only thing I’m worried about is the possibility of Taylor getting involved in drugs.  I won’t count marijuana, because that’s legalized in parts of the US now (and said to not be addictive).  Some have argued that marijuana or something psychedelic might help her work.  I wouldn’t know.  

    But I do worry a lot about her hanging out with people used to the fast lane like Cara (or even Ed Sheeran) and her being exposed to other things.  

    That’s why I was advocating Taylor sue or otherwise threaten the blind item site this week.  Because it marked the first time someone implied in such a public way that she was involved in any way with something of that sort.  It does not seem credible, especially for someone who has maintained she never did anything illegal in her life (that quote is a few years old, though).  But we weren’t there and we don’t even know if she was ever there.  

    Speaking of addictions, I’m sure that Taylor will fall in love and have a family and become addicted to her children, like most people do. 

    Her only addiction right now is to her fans.


  • Question: what do you think of One Republic and Ryan Tedder? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’m sorry, but I really dislike One Republic and Ryan’s sound.  In my mind, he is synonymous with a bad-sounding drum machine.  Every thing I have ever heard from him features that cheap drum.  I assume it is real drum, but perfectly produced, to the point it feels fake.  To me that feels soulless.

    "Counting Stars" is a very good pop song and he can sing very well, but I cringe thinking about inevitably hearing that drum sound on Taylor’s album.  "Good Life" is catchy.

    I’m sure his sense of melody is good enough to eventually impress me with something.

  • Question: What is Bruce Springsteen's best video? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Well, the true Bruce experience is in the live performances (if I was going to pick one of those it would be this one….), but I really love the subtle acting he does in “I’m On Fire”.

    I never understood it much as a kid, but you can get all the implications.

    The other interesting thing about Bruce videos after the late 80’s is that he often would recut a new vocal track for a song just for the video because he hated lipsyncing.

    That’s why “Streets of Philadelphia” stands out….you can see his voice has no effects on it at all and it works well.  No one ever does this!  

    And speaking of that technique, here’s one video I can imagine Taylor copying:
    pretty powerful ….even somewhat uncomfortable to watch, but that is the point of the song.


  • Question: Are you a fan of Treacherous? It's my favorite off Red and to me the lyrics are good(not a masterpiece but good), but the melodic composition is what sold me. I love the explosion in the bridge...I guess me loving it is equivalent to you loving the melody in Mine. How do you feel about Treacherous? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I didn’t care for it much….until the bridge, that’s when it sucks you in.

    I’d still take Enchanted over that but it’s very good.

  • Question: Who is the girl that is with Taylor lately? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I think we can assume that Taylor finally has a personal assistant, whether her duties are just to help Taylor shop and run errands or to serve as a PR go-between for Tree Paine.   I have a feeling we won’t know her name for a while because they probably don’t want her to get harassed.

    Maybe she’s a cousin or someone who is so close they know she can be completely trusted.  Sometimes those jobs go to people from wealthy backgrounds who aren’t impressed or bewildered by fancy things or celebrity.

  • Question: When one of the biggest recording artists in the world chooses to listen to music with inexpensive headphones, it makes me sad. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    OK, I understand what you’re getting at.

    Maybe she will get a Pono player…..but that would need very fancy headphones and speakers to really feel it.

  • Question: I just interpret that as her being sassy. She knows they're always following her, so why not make it fun? She doesn't seem to be upset to me...but that's just me. Matt, random question of the day: Do you like/ever had Charley's? I love Philly cheesesteaks and Charley's is one of my favorites. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Sometimes the photographers will mention why she was making the face in the caption.

    I have not had Charley’s.


Does anyone know why she’s hamming it up in the photos today ?

Are people asking obnoxious questions to get her attention?