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  • Question: What's your opinion on Taylor having an ask me anything type thing on twitter using #asktaylor? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    That could work!

    [EDIT: although a lot of hashtags have gotten by hijacked by trolls and haters in recent months….so twitter might not be the best place to do it - really the most you can ask for is to have die hard fans ask questions that get interesting answers out of her that can make headlines on their own]

    But just take the questions there, answer them on her site and/or youtube.

    Answering questions on twitter sucks

  • Question: Any thoughts on the John Mayer/Ed Sheeran watch pic that was posted by hodinkee on Instagram a few hours ago? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    ah ok, well there’s two wrists to be jelly of.


I just composited this from Taylor’s twitter pic AND the thing from the british magazine the other day.

I just composited this from Taylor’s twitter pic AND the thing from the british magazine the other day.

  • Question: Slow nite ? Calm before the storm ... - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I don’t foresee a storm for a few weeks… would have to be a new interview or song.

  • Question: I'm also making the assumption that if it is a song it will be the next single. - withagirllikethat
  • Answer:

    yeah that would be a solid bet to make.

  • Question: Do you think "1989" is a song? And if it is do you think her twitter bio is a line from it? - messovadreamer
  • Answer:

    yes and yes, but I have no inside knowledge of that.  just a hunch.  

  • Question: Taylor didnt go to Ed's concert last night i feel like she would of if his girlfriend wasn't there lmao - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’ve heard she has been out of LA for a few days.

  • Question: Did you notice the little head nod she gave at the end of her VMA performance ? I wonder if she was looking at Perry, Cyrus or someone else ... Kind of looked like she just threw down the gauntlet to me ... - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I think that’s just the kind of showmanship she’s always been doing.

  • Question: Since we know that picture is actually her now do you know where it came from? Like how did it get out... - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Seems like there are only two ways it got out.

    Intentionally from the inside or unintentionally from the inside.

    Since it is ultimately not a big deal, I feel that this photo making it online was intentional.



Same shirt, same shoes.

Aha…I knew that shirt was familiar. Between this and the insider that gave me the details yesterday, I guess it’s confirmed. This insider said that the photo of her in front of Kanye wall was not for any photoshoot (it was just an ironic moment), and this person believes the photoshoot in that Brooklyn studio was not for Rolling Stone that day, but for an edition of Harper’s.

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  • Question: do you think there's ever a chance of Taylor doing an AMA on reddit soon? Maybe around album release time? It could be good for pr? I have a feeling questions asked there will have more depth and originality than questions asked during interviews/livestreams? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    That’s definitely a great forum for promotion….and it is free
    But it might not be wise for her to do.

    Of course, the most upvoted things would be about Kanye, rumors, and ex bfs, and memes and things she probably wouldn’t want to talk about.

    Since she is taylor, she could easily give non-answer answers to each of those, and that would only anger the neutral minded masses as much as ignoring the most popular questions would. (Since it is “ask me anything”, ignoring the most popular questions is something people try to protest.

    It’s not a forum that is based on publicity….it’s based on democracy, and democracy on the Internet means that trolls cannot be stopped.

    My advice as a media obsessive person is that, on her website, she allow fans to submit questions, then she takes as much time as she needs to answer them in depth…maybe in writing or on video, but make the answers as in depth as anything said to a magazine interviewer.

    The kind of answers that are so honest and interesting,they will reach non-fans via mainstream media,

    she should consider entertaining some of the aforementioned most asked (reddit-type) questions, but on her terms.

    Tl;dr: my advice is to do an Ask Me Anyhing, but not on reedit.

    Because if she goes to reddit, she’s leaving herself open to tons and tons of trolls.

    You can already see what kind of questions die-hard fans have for her…..because I made sure to specify that people only submit questions they think she would not avoid. Http://

  • Question: Why don't you have a blog discussing and analyzing artists in general. You could be like the decent version of Perez Hilton! And why you decided to only talk about Taylor? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Thank you for the idea.

    I would be afraid to spend my time on artists I am not interested in (which would be most pop acts)….unless I was certain I could make a living from it.  Music is only one part of entertainment that interests me.  

    I’m not trying to get rich here, just wanting to make a living.

    A few years ago, I thought that Taylor was evolving into the most intriguing overall celebrity in a long time and she was only going to keep trending upwards.

I’ve said it before - Lauren Jacuzzi is very attractive.

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  • Question: I love Innocent. Such an underrated song & imo, song of the year worthy material. The only time she performed it live was VMAs, understandably so. But I wish she would perform it live again, just her with an acoustic would be great. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I think it can be rearranged to be more compelling live.

  • Question: $1.29 per track. How much of that do you think Taylor gets roughly with your best guesstimate? 544k US first week sales? What are you looking at there from $700,000? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Again, I can’t write about sales here or charts. If I do, I will have a reason why. It just doesn’t interest me.